We have a very good safety record at Nont Sarah's and it is due to all your hard work in keeping flying standards so high.


Just to refresh fellow Members of the flight plan /procedures for Nont Sarah's are as follows: -

l. When the Slope is used in SHARED CONDITIONS ie with Paragliders and Handgliders airborne. Modellers MUST fly to the left hand side only, turning level with the reservoir.

2. When the Slope is used in FULL CONDITIONS (generally too windy / gusty for Paragliders and Handgliders). The entire slope may be used.

3. If combat flying is to be done it is requested that it should be done over to the left hand side so as not to obstruct  moulded/crunchy gliders flying.

4. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES may anybody fly in the vicinity of the Car Park area. Over flying the Car park and Road area is strictly prohibited, This is a big Safety issue to which we all must adhere (we all want to keep flying at this site).

5. The landing area is a standard left hand rectangle approach in designated area.

6. If the slope conditions are greater than your ability or Model's ability don't fly.

7. Only electrically assisted  powered models, NO iC or multi-rotor craft. 

Safe flying is no accident.